Shutter Man by Richard Montanari.

I received this ARC from NetGalley. First of all I must say I have enjoyed all previous books I have read by this author. But this book left me feeling strangely flat. I cannot put my hand the reason why, but I suspect it was the use of backstory throughout this book. I appreciate backstory but when it makes up 40% + of the book I find it slows the story down and kills any forward impetus the story was making. I am willing to admit this may be a fault on my behalf. I must say I enjoyed the last 20 chapters as it was more indicative of the authors previous work. To sum up I enjoyed this book with great reservations and I am glad I did not pay for this book. Mr Montanari you have written better books

The Prodigal by Nicky Black

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The prodigal

I was asked by the author, Nicky Black, if I would like a copy of ‘The Prodigal’ in return for an honest review. I was delighted to accept. It is available from Amazon, currently for 99p, as an e-book and also in paperback.

Detective Sergeant Lee Jamieson is returning to Newcastle, after 16 years away, to meet his daughter for the first time and take up a new police post. He isn’t prepared for just how deprived, and depraved, the area he grew up in has become. When he finds himself involved with Nicola, his world becomes ever more complicated and dangerous.

I’m not a natural reader of crime fiction but I can honestly say that I found ‘The Prodigal’ absolutely brilliant.

The fact that this originally began life as a television script serves only to amplify the quality of the writing. Much of the original dialogue has apparently been…

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The Ghosts of Maraval by Siobhan Fraser

I really enjoyed this book though i don’t normally read ghosts stories or speculative fiction. This is out of my comfort zone. Then this is not really a ghost story. I enjoyed the second half of this book as the relationship or non relationship develops between Jack and Mecedes. This is a book that asks you to suspend your disbelief that a disabled and disappointed man would make such a leap in his personal life. I also felt that some of the characters could have been more rounded is a minor criticism. four stars well deserved. I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review.

Koven by Vanessa Skye

I received this book from the author herself as a goodreads give away. Not my usual genre. I have read books about vampires before but not what can be termed a paranormal romance. The fact that i enjoyed this book is down to two main reasons. Firstly the excellence of Ms.Skye’s writing and the fast moving plot. Once you get used to vampires texting and using mobile phones it is great. And i mean why shouldn’t they? they live a very long time if not actually being immortal. That is another thing that appealed. Though set in the modern world she kept the medieval element eg. sword fights etc. I am glad I won this book and look forward to the sequel and if I can’t win it I will buy it. Thanks once again for an excellent book.

Secrets of The Last Nazi by Iain King

This was my first book by Mr King. Wont be my last. Invariably will be compared to Dan Brown, In that both write books that involve secrets,chases and action. But I found this book full of far superior writing, more believable characters and more importantly enjoyable reading. Like the twist at the end about the CIA and what they believe, or do they? Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC

Book review for No one Needs to Know by Kevin O’Brien

This is my first book by this author. It certainly wont be my last. It is a book of secrets. Brian Laurie’s husband. Laurie herself. Also Cheryl and the Holbrooks.
In fact every character in this book seems to have a secret based on truth, half truths or just gut reaction.
It is a book that grips the reader and you want to keep reading.
In the end most of the secrets are resolved leaving others untold.
Mr O’Brien I will certainly read more by you. Thanks to NetGalley for ARC.