Skin by Ilka Tampke

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I am hugely indebted to for my copy of ‘Skin’ by Ilka Tampke. It is published by Hodder and Stoughton on August 6th 2015.

In AD 28 Ailia is left as a foundling on the doorstep of the Tribequeen’s kitchen. Taken in by Cookmother, Ailia can never truly be part of society because she does not know the skin to which she belongs. It is skin that holds this ancient world together. As she grows up, the Roman Empire threatens her people more and more until Ailia gradually learns her destiny.

I don’t particularly like books with an ancient history setting. Nor do I usually like books with a fantasy or mystical element. So why then, given that it has both elements, did I think Ilka Tampke’s novel ‘Skin’ was amazing?

The writing in ‘Skin’ is enthralling. It mesmerises the reader with a hypnotic rhythm to the narrative so that the…

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