Coffin Road by Peter May

Peter has revisited his old stamping ground the Hebrides, the setting of his Lewis trilogy. Once again he has written a superb book. Full of questions, answered and unanswered.It is a story of 3 people and how their lives intersect. A man who is suffering from amnesia, a detective and a teenage girl, mourning the loss of her father.Just when you think you have sussed out the way the narrative is going you are thrown the proverbial curve ball. A book that keeps you turning the pages until the satisfying ending. I strongly urge you to read it.

Shtum by Jem Lester

Vulpes Libris

shtumShtum by Jem Lester isn’t out for a while but it’s one of those books you have to share immediately. As you’re reading your feelings are getting more and more bottled up until you reach the last page and then have to tell somebody, anybody about it or you might explode. Anyway. In April next year you’ll understand and I’ll remind you.

Shtum is the story of three generations of men. Ben Jewell is the narrator. He’s an alcoholic, totally self-indulgent and he’s pretty much failed at everything; his job, his marriage and even being a father. His own father, Georg Jewell is a closed book to Ben, judgemental and distant. And then there’s Jonah. Jonah Jewell is ten and severely disabled with Autism; silent and completely dependent. Jonah is given the opportunity of a place at a hugely expensive but utterly perfect new school. The process to secure funding…

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