Dead Lovely by Helen Fitzgerald

This is a dark and comical tale. There are moments that make you smile and others that make you cringe. A story of twists and turns that draws the reader in. It is populated by characters who have fears and secrets that drive them and the narrative.And it builds to satisfactory ending. Well worth the read and the four stars I’m giving it.

Little Boy Blue by M.J Arlidge

Number 5 in an excellent series. Damaged DI Helen Grace enters another case that may prove to be her nemesis. It is a book that drags the reader along. Full of light and shade. Characters that are neither good or bad, but a mixture of both. A very good read that I urge you to read and if you haven’t read any of the series star with Eeny Meeny. Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the ARC

The Last One by Alexandra Oliva

This book is set against a background of a reality TV show. Throughout the book alliances and enmities are forged and then are forever in flux. The unreality of the reality show and the reality of outside life begin to converge and intersect with each other and what is real and unreal becomes blurred. It is a book that keeps you guessing and forever changing your mind about what you agree or disagree with. It is a book populated with well fleshed characters. A harrowing and intense read that grips and keeps you turning the pages. Thanks to Lovereading . co. uk and the publishers for the ARC.

Games People Play by Owen Mullen

This book was really good. The writing was taut, tense and made you want to keep turning the pages.
Set in central Scotland, an area I know well I could identify with the characters and settings. The characters are well drawn and have imperfections and flaws that make them all too human. A book that is worth five stars and I recommend you to read it.