Corpus by Rory Clements

This was an entertaining book. Part thriller, part alternative history,part mystery. Of what ifs, could be’s or maybes .
Set in 1936, A time of the abdication of Edward VIII, Spanish civil war and the manoeuvring of the dictatorships in Moscow and Berlin and Rome. A clique in the British establishment and government are behind Edward staying on as king. Is this because of their belief in the monarchy or Edward’s pro fascist ideals.
Every action by pro fascists has a counter action by their communist counterparts and the dictatorships in Italy, Germany and Russia.
Caught up in this is Professor Thomas Wilde, an American teaching history at Cambridge . He is set on a roller coaster adventure where ideals, alliances and enmities are constantly in flux.
A great book that keeps you turning the pages, saying to yourself this could never happen. But when you suspend your disbelief, it could or has it?
A great book which should be a best seller when released in 2017.
Thanks for the opportunity to read this ARC

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