The Owl Always Hunts at Night by Samuel Bjork


Book Description.

The Owl Always Hunts At Night (Holger Munch & Mia Kruger #2)

When a young woman is found dead, the police are quick to respond. But what they find at the scene is unexpected. The body is posed, the scene laboriously set. And there is almost no forensic evidence to be found.

Detective Mia Krüger has been signed off work pending psychological assessment. But her boss has less regard for the rules than he should. Desperate to get Mia back in the office, Holger Munch offers her an unofficial deal.

But the usually brilliant Mia is struggling and the team are unable to close the case. Until a young hacker uncovers something that forces the team to confront the scope of the murderer’s plans and face the possibility that he may already be on the hunt for a second victim.

My review.
This was a bleak tale and a slow burner of a read. Never the less was a finely written tale, Plenty of red herrings and false clues.
It begins with a botanist discovering the body of a young girl posed in what looks like a ritualistic killing.
Enter Holger Munch, an overweight detective; who is carrying the baggage of his divorce years previously. Also Mia Kruger, an enigmatic detective who is on suspension pending a psychological assessment.
Munch breaks the rules by enlisting Mia’s help. Is this because she does not play by the rules and this case may need this to be solved.
The writing was crisp and of a high quality. The interplay between well rounded characters excellent.
I was interested in the dynamic between Munch and Mia as this gave great insights into these to people and why they attract and repulse each other.
This is book 2 in this series and can be read as a stand a;one. But I will be looking for book 1.
Thanks to Lovereading for the ARC. Deserved 4 s
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Author Bio:

Born in Cuckfield, West Sussex, Casey Kelleher grew up as an avid reader and a huge fan of author Martina Cole.

Whilst working as a beauty therapist and bringing up her three children together with her husband, Casey penned her debut novel Rotten to the Core. Its success meant that she could give up her day job and concentrate on writing full time.

She has since published Rise and Fall, Heartless, Bad Blood, The Taken and her latest release, The Promise.


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Twitter: @caseykelleher

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The Promise by Casey Kelleher.  Out on 17th February. Available to pre-order right now:




the promise is a thriller which i love these sort of books so this suited me and im so glad i read it, this is the first book ive read by casey kelleher and i will…

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Well of the Winds by Denzil Meyrick.

Book Description

Well of the Winds (DCI Daley, #5)

Well of the Winds (DCI Daley #5)

4.67  ·  Rating Details ·  3 Ratings  ·  1 Review

As the Second World War nears its end, a man is stabbed to death on the shoreline of Kinloch, in the shadow of the great warships in the harbour.

Many years later, the postman on Gairsay, a tiny island off the coast of Kintyre, discovers that the Bremner family are missing from their farm. There s a pot on the stove and food on the table, but of the Bremners there is no sign.

When DCI Daley comes into possession of a journal written by his wartime predecessor in Kinloch, Inspector William Urquhart, he soon realises that the Isle of Gairsay has many secrets. Assisted by his indomitable deputy, DS Brian Scott, and new boss, Chief Superintendent Carrie Symington, Daley must solve a wartime murder to uncover the shocking events of the past and the present.

My Review
A book I really enjoyed. This is the 5th in the DCI Daley series.
set on the small island of Gairsay, this tale rages across Europe and takes in conspiracies, red herrings and spectualive history. Mixing what is known with , and what could’ve happened.
The novel opens with a murder on the shoreline of Kinloch as the war nears its end in 1945.
Fast forward to the present day and Daley is called in to investigate the disappearance of the Bremmer family, who are known in the area as Jewish escapees from the regime in Germany. This is when the story takes off.
I found the writing of the highest quality, the tale believable and the characters well rounded. Mr Meyrick is a writer of considerable skill, who pulled me through this tale with enough twists and turns, and wow moments to make sure I kept reading.
A corker of a tale that kept me enthralled. Well worth 5 stars.
Thanks to the author, publisher’s and Lovereading for the ARC.
Final words READ IT!


Aka D.A. Meyrick.
Denzil Meyrick was educated in Argyll, then after studying politics, joined Strathclyde Police, serving in Glasgow. After being injured and developing back problems, he entered the business world, and has operated in many diverse roles, including director of a large engineering company and distillery manager, as well as owning a number of his own companies, such as a public bar and sales and marketing company. D. A. Meyrick has also worked as a freelance journalist in both print and on radio. His first novel, Whisky from Small Glasses, was published by Ringwood in 2012.

The Watcher byNetta Newboud

The Watcher
My rating 5 Stars

The Watcher

byNetta Newbound(Goodreads Author)
Life couldn’t get much better for Hannah. She accepts her dream job in Manchester, and easily makes friends with her new neighbours.

When she becomes romantically involved with her boss, she can’t believe her luck. But things are about to take a grisly turn.

As her colleagues and neighbours are killed off one by one, Hannah’s idyllic life starts to fall apart. But when her mother becomes the next victim, the connection to Hannah is all too real.

Who is watching her every move?

Will the police discover the real killer in time?

Hannah is about to learn that appearances can be deceptive.

Brilliant. The story of Hannah. Who has everything a girl could want. A new job, a new flat, new neighbours and a new boyfriend. . so everything in the garden is rosy or is it? Everything that goes must come down. It’s no long before Hannah I questioning everything, including her sanity as her ideal world starts to crumble around her.
The quality of the writing and the storyline makes for a fast, exciting read. My first read by Ms Newbound but enough to encourage me to read more by her. Well worth the 5 stars in my opinion. I urge you all to read this book

Arrowood by Mick Finlay

About the Author.

Mick Finlay was born in Glasgow and grew up in Canada and England. He now divides his time between Brighton and Cambridge. He teaches in a Psychology Department, and has published social psychological research on political violence, persuasion, and verbal and non-verbal behaviour. He reads widely in history, psychology, and enjoys a variety of fiction genres (including crime, of course!)

Mick used his background in psychology for writing his first book, a historical crime novel. ‘Arrowood’, set in Victorian London, will be published in March 2017 by HQ (Harper Collins) in the UK and by Mira in the USA.

My thoughts.
Very entertaining book. A historical novel. London society consults Sherlock Holmes the rest go to Arrowood.
Quality writing that evokes Victorian London.this is complex tale that involves Irish republicans, prostitution and white slavery. What starts as a routine case for Arrowood and Barnett, a missing person, soon becomes more complex as you turn the pages. And you want to turn the pages. This is a tale I would recommend to anyone who wants to smell old London and likes a book with character and evokes the times which it is set in. Thanks to Lovereading for the ARC.