Blue: A memoir by John Sutherland

 Blue: A Memoir – Keeping the Peace and Falling to Pieces

Blue by John Sutherland
My review.
A memoir of a senior police officer, John Sutherland. It tells of his time in The Metropolitan police force. It is told with humour and pathos. Told in short soundbites it tells the story of a man desperate to make a difference to the world we live in. The way he throws himself into his police career, rapid rise through the ranks and the sights he sees and the way he deals with it all.
He also is realistic enough to admit that despite his best intentions he really can make little difference.
But he tries and his attempts, long and unsociable hours put a strain on his psyche and plunges him into mental illness.
Putting him ironically in the position off many people he has attempted to help in the past
This is a memoir, of one man’s experience, is very personal and at times immensely moving.
It was very easy to read but at the same time thought provoking.
A book I’m glad I got the chance to read and for this my thanks goes to Lovereading for the ARC.

About the Author

Amazon’s John Sutherland Page

John Sutherland is a father of three, who lives with his wife and children in south London. For the best part of twenty-five years, he has served as a Metropolitan Police officer.
He won the Baton of Honour as the outstanding recruit in his training
More about John Sutherland

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