A Fine House in Trinity by Lesley Kelly

About the book.

A Fine House in Trinity

A Fine House in Trinity

Joseph Staines, an unemployed chef, has left Edinburgh with the tallybook of the late debt collector, Isa Stoddart. Her son Lachie thinks Stainsie killed her, but Lachie has apparently committed suicide. To his surprise, Stainsie is the sole beneficiary of Lachie s will and has inherited a dilapidated mansion. Isa s debtors and the local priest who paid Stainsie to leave town want him gone. A certain young mum, Marianne (whose uncle, Wheezy, is Stainsie’s drinking buddy) does too, and his old school-friend, Detective Sergeant Jamieson, wants to interrogate him about the deaths. Why are the lawyers lying to him, and who is the bruiser asking about him down the pub?
My review.
I saw this author, give a reading from this novel, at Noir at the Bar in Edinburgh. And it struck a chord with me.
This is Lesley’s debut novel and I hope they’re more to come. This is a fast, edgy and funny read. It is two stories running concurrently.
Joseph Staines returns to Leith and finds himself in trouble with the local gangsters…….police and an unconventional priest.
The second story tells of his younger days, with brother Colin and friend Lachie, who just be connected to the above said gangsters.
He develops a friendship with Lachie that he is still trapped in thirty years later.
Joseph left town with a stolen tallybook, but two suspicious deaths and surprise inheritance lures him back.
No-one is pleased to see him. The debtors want him gone, the police have questions and a mysterious stranger is asking questions.
The writing is top notch. The tale well told and the ending satisfying.
I look forward to more stories from this author and I urge you to read this novel!

About the Author

Lesley Kelly has worked in the public and voluntary sectors for the past twenty years, dabbling in poetry and stand-up comedy along the way. She has won a number of writing competitions, including the Scotsman’s Short Story award in 2008. She lives in Edinburgh with her husband and two sons.

A Fine House in Trinity
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