#AyeWrite: Three Slices of Crime

chapterinmylife: Scottish Crime Fiction Blogger

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Third night in a row at the Mitchell Library for what is shaping up to be the best #AyeWrite I’ve attended yet! This time I was here to see Steph Broadribb, SJI Holliday and Russel D McLean in #ThreeSlicesOfCrime bringing together two of the #Sultry #SliceGirls, Steph and Susie and host of #NoirAtTheBar, Russel. The panel was chaired by the brilliant Gordon Brown.

The hour hurtled by with readings from Steph, Susie and Russell…seriously if you see Susie ask her about what YouTube video she watched on repeat to research the rabbit skinning scene in #WillowWalk – she even made herself feel violently sick reading it out! Steph got Gordon all hot and bothered with her reading from #DeepDownDead and her whisperings of panties and bras! And well Russel, seriously we were all left wondering just what goes through that man’s head at times when we found out some of…

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