The Fireman

The Fireman

From the award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of NOS4A2 and Heart-Shaped Box comes a chilling novel about a worldwide pandemic of spontaneous combustion that threatens to reduce civilization to ashes and a band of improbable heroes who battle to save it, led by one powerful and enigmatic man known as the Fireman.

The fireman is coming. Stay cool.

No one knows exactly when it began or where it originated. A terrifying new plague is spreading like wildfire across the country, striking cities one by one: Boston, Detroit, Seattle. The doctors call it Draco Incendia Trychophyton. To everyone else it’s Dragonscale, a highly contagious, deadly spore that marks its hosts with beautiful black and gold marks across their bodies—before causing them to burst into flames. Millions are infected; blazes erupt everywhere. There is no antidote. No one is safe.

Harper Grayson, a compassionate, dedicated nurse as pragmatic as Mary Poppins, treated hundreds of infected patients before her hospital burned to the ground. Now she’s discovered the telltale gold-flecked marks on her skin. When the outbreak first began, she and her husband, Jakob, had made a pact: they would take matters into their own hands if they became infected. To Jakob’s dismay, Harper wants to live—at least until the fetus she is carrying comes to term. At the hospital, she witnessed infected mothers give birth to healthy babies and believes hers will be fine too. . . if she can live long enough to deliver the child.

Convinced that his do-gooding wife has made him sick, Jakob becomes unhinged, and eventually abandons her as their placid New England community collapses in terror. The chaos gives rise to ruthless Cremation Squads—armed, self-appointed posses roaming the streets and woods to exterminate those who they believe carry the spore. But Harper isn’t as alone as she fears: a mysterious and compelling stranger she briefly met at the hospital, a man in a dirty yellow fire fighter’s jacket, carrying a hooked iron bar, straddles the abyss between insanity and death. Known as The Fireman, he strolls the ruins of New Hampshire, a madman afflicted with Dragonscale who has learned to control the fire within himself, using it as a shield to protect the hunted . . . and as a weapon to avenge the wronged.

In the desperate season to come, as the world burns out of control, Harper must learn the Fireman’s secrets before her life—and that of her unborn child—goes up in smoke. (l

Paperback, 768 pages
Published January 3rd 2017 by William Morrow Paperbacks (first published May 17th 2016)
Original Title
The Fireman
006220064X (ISBN13: 9780062200648)
My thoughts:
This book was a great read. A end of world the thriller that will no doubt be compared to his father;s book The Stand. But Joe has his own voice.
This is a sprawling tale , with myriad characters and story lines . A tale of alliances forged, broken and realigned. Throughout this tale of apocalyptic devastation the hope of the human spirit shines through.
Well written, with well rounded characters that draw the reader into an adventure that enthrals and grips. A book I would recommend and urge you to read. Thanks to the publishers and Lovereading for the ARC.

Joe Hill


in Bangor, Maine, The United States




Revolver – The Beatles, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – AC/DC, Close Enc…more

Joe Hill’s debut, Heart-Shaped Box, won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel. His second, Horns, was made into a film freakfest starring Daniel Radcliffe. His other novels include NOS4A2, and his #1 New York Times Best-Seller, The Fireman… which was also the winner of a 2016 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Horror Novel.

He also writes short stories. Some of them were gathered together in his prize-winning collection, 20th Century Ghosts.

He was awarded the Eisner Award for Best Writer for his long running comic book series, Locke & Key, co-created with illustrator and art wizard Gabriel Rodriguez.

He lives in New Hampshire with a corgi named McMurtry after a certain beloved writer of cowboy tales. His next book, Strange Weather, a collection of novellas, is due in fall of 2017.

Peculiar Ground

Peculiar Ground

In the 17th century, a wall is built around the deer park of a great house. Wychwood is a world in itself, its ornamental lakes and majestic avenues planned by Mr Norris, a master of the new art of landscaping. A world where, after decades of civil war, everyone has something to hide or something to fear, where dissidents hide in the forest and Londoners fleeing the plague are at the gate.

Three centuries later, one hot weekend, there is a house party at Wychwood. Over the course of the weekend another wall goes up, dividing Berlin. Erotic entanglements blur with distant rumours of historic changes and a little girl, Nell, observes all.

As Nell grows up and as the Berlin Wall falls, the world splits again. There are TV cameras in the dining room, golf-buggies in the park and a Great Storm brewing. A fatwa alerts Westerners to a new ideological faultline. A refugee from the new conflict, the one which is still tearing us apart, seeks safety in Wychwood.

From the author of The Pike, winner of the Samuel Johnson Prize, the Duff Cooper Prize, the Costa Biography Award, comes a feast of a book. Peculiar Ground is a breathtakingly ambitious, beautifully written novel about young love and the pathos of aging, about game keepers and aristos, agitators and witches, about fantasies of magic and the reality of the land, and about frontiers and fortresses and secret gardens.

Kindle Edition
Expected publication: May 18th 2017 by Fourth Estate
My thoughts:
When you enter Wychwood and Wood Manor, you enter an enclosed world of deception, untruths and superstition. A world of religious intolerance and possible witchcraft. A world where half heard conversations take on a life of their own and can consequences for the future.
Wall are the central to the plot. The wall surrounding Wychwood, the building and subsequent fall of the Berlin wall. Both walls designed to keep some in and some out and protect their ideal world?
This is a rambling tale, with multitude characters but is written so deftly that the reader is swept along and surrounded by the story.
Thanks to Lovereading for the ARC and the chance to read this outstanding book

Smoke and Mirrors (Stephens & Mephisto Mystery #2)

Chilling murder in the world of 1950s theatre – another case for DI Stephens and Max Mephisto.

Brighton, winter 1951.

Pantomime season is in full swing on the pier with Max Mephisto starring in Aladdin, but Max’s headlines have been stolen by the disappearance ’of two local children. When they are found dead in the snow, surrounded by sweets, it’s not long before the press nickname them ‘Hansel and Gretel’.

DI Edgar Stephens has plenty of leads to investigate. The girl, Annie, used to write gruesome plays based on the Grimms’ fairy tales. Does the clue lie in Annie’s unfinished – and rather disturbing – last script? Or might it lie with the eccentric theatricals who have assembled for the pantomime?

For Stan (aka the Great Diablo), who’s also appearing in Aladdin, the case raises more personal memories. Back before the Great War, he witnessed the murder of a young girl while he was starring in another show, an event which has eerie parallels to the current case.

Once again Edgar enlists Max’s help in penetrating the shadowy theatrical world that seems to hold the key. But with both distracted by their own personal problems, neither can afford to miss a trick. For Annie and her friend, time is running out…

My review:
This was a really good read. The setting, Brighton in the early 1950’s . No mobiles, internet or social media. This is what made it so refreshing. It took you back to a time when life was much simpler and pantomime was such a big thing in people lives during the festive season. Live theatre and the smell of greasepaint,plus the fascination of the audience was conveyed admirably by the superb writing of this author. Of course the investigation of the crimes would be entirely different in the present day, but that was the attraction of this book, you suspended your disbelief, then you were lost in a time and a tale that was really gripping and had you turning pages quickly. Well done Elly and I will read more of your novels

The Author:

Elly Griffiths

Elly Griffiths

Goodreads Author



Elly Griffiths’ Ruth Galloway novels take for their inspiration Elly’s husband, who gave up a city job to train as an archaeologist, and her aunt who lives on the Norfolk coast and who filled her niece’s head with the myths and legends of that area. Elly has two children and lives near Brighton. Though not her first novel, The Crossing Places is her first crime novel.




The Friend

The Friend

Kindle Edition, 400 pages
Expected publication: May 4th 2017 by Cornerstone Digital
Edition Language
My thoughts:
Omg what a read!. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review.
This was was a superb read. You are kept guessing and when you think you have it sussed the proverbial curve ball is thrown.
Four friends Yvonne, Maxie, Anaya and Hazel discover that their friendship is less than perfect when Yvonne is badly beaten and left for dead in the school playground.
Into this situation comes Cece, who after her husband’s promotion and keen to make friends meets Maxie, Anaya and Hazel at the school their children attend. She is made welcome by these three very different women.
Cece later finds that the police believe that her new friends may have had something to do with her attack and becomes a reluctant spy.
In trying to uncover the potential murderer we find that all the main characters have skeletons in their cupboards.
The writing is of a superb quality and all characters are well rounded. A plot driven book that will keep the reader turning the pages furiously and racing to a satisfying conclusion.
If you decide to pick up this book you will not be disappointed. Read it! Thanks to lovereading for the ARC.

Dorothy Koomson

Dorothy Koomson


The United Kingdom

Hello, my name’s Dorothy Koomson and I’ll try to make this bit that’s all about me as interesting as possible.
I wrote my first novel called There’s A Thin Line Between Love And Hate when I was 13. I used to write a chapter every night then pass it around to my fellow convent school pupils every morning, and they seemed to love it.I grew up in London and then grew up again in Leeds when I went to university. I eventually returned to London to study for my masters degree and stayed put for the following years. I took up various temping jobs and eventually got my big break writing, editing and subbing for various women’s magazines and national papers.

Fiction and storytelling were still a HUGE passion of mine and I continued to write short stories and novels every spare moment that I got. In 2001 I had the idea for The Cupid Effect and my career as a published novelist began. And it’s been fantastic. In 2006, third novel, My Best Friend’s Girl was published. It was incredibly successful – selling nearly 90,000 copies within its first few weeks on sale. Six weeks later, it was selected for the Richard & Judy Summer Reads Book Club and the book went on to sell over 500,000 copies. Oh, there I go again, this is meant to be about me, not my novels.

Okay, back to me. I recently spent two years living in Sydney Australia, and now I’m back in England. But I can’t say for how long I’ll be in the UK for because I’ve been well and truly bitten by the travel bug

The Laughing Policeman by Maj Sjowall, Per Whaloo

The Laughing Policeman
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The Laughing Policeman (Martin Beck Police Mystery #4)

byMaj Sjöwall, Per Wahlöö, Alain Blair(Translator), Nicci French(Introduction)
One blustery November evening someone guns down nine occupants of a Stockholm bus, one of them a colleague of Martin Beck. It appeared to be a random killing, but Beck’s investigation would lead him to a different conclusion.
My Thoughts:
This was a good short read. Having said that as it was written nearly 40 years ago was a bit dated. But that didn’t detract from the enjoyment of the read. After all people still enjoy Agatha Christie.
Martin Beck and his squad are to busy in fighting it is any wonder they manage to sove crimes. But they do. It was refreshing to read a book with no internet,Facebook, Twitter and mobile phones etc.
Old school but enjoyable.

About the Author:

Maj Sjöwall

Maj Sjöwall


in Stockholm, Sweden

September 25, 1935


Maj Sjöwall is a Swedish author and translator. She is best known for the collaborative work with her partner Per Wahlöö on a series of ten novels about the exploits of Martin Beck, a police detective in Stockholm. In 1971, the fourth of these books, The Laughing Policeman (a translation of Den skrattande polisen, originally published in 1968) won an Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for Best Novel.They also wrote novels separately.

Sjöwall had a 13 year relationship with Wahlöö which lasted until his death in 1975.