The Cold Cold Ground (Detective Sean Duffy, #1)

The Cold Cold Ground (Detective Sean Duffy #1)

Northern Ireland, Spring 1981. A homophobic serial killer with a penchant for opera and a young woman’s suicide that may yet turn out to be murder. On the surface, the events are unconnected, but then things – and people – aren’t always what they seem.
My thoughts and review:
This is the first in the Sean Duffy series, set in Northern Ireland in 1981. A time of troubles, sectarian strife and hunger strikes.
Sean finds himself a stranger in a strange land. A Catholic in a predominately Protestant R.U.C. He finds himself battling demons on all sides. Paramilitary gangs on both sides of the divide, A serial killer who breaks the norm in which killing and associated crime which is the domain of the IRA and UDA etc. And also certain elements within the R.U.C.
As Sean sets off on his investigation inti these killings, he comes up against lots of things that don’t make sense. Doors that open and then shut behind him; or simply refuse to open. Cover ups and deceptions and things that just don’t up.
Sean is a well drawn character, naive but determined. Looking for answers but not always getting them.
A well told tale, brilliantly drawn cast and an unlikely hero. A book that grips and pulls the reader by the bootlaces and drags them to an exciting and satisfying conclusion.
I urge you to read this book and I’m looking forward to book2



Adrian McKinty is an Irish novelist. He was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1968 and grew up in Victoria Council Estate, Carrickfergus, County Antrim. He read law at the University of Warwick and politics and philosophy at the University of Oxford. He moved to the United States in the early 1990s, living first in Harlem, New York and from 2001 onwards Denver, Colorado where he taught high school English and began writing fiction. He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and two children.

His debut crime novel Dead I Well May Be was short-listed for the CWA Steel Dagger Award 2004.
His debut young adult novel The Lighthouse Land was shortlisted for the 2008 Young Hoosier Award and the 2008 Beehive Award
The Dead Yard was selected by Publishers Weekly as one of the 12 Best Novels of 2006 and won the 2007 Audie Award for best thriller/suspense.
The Bloomsday Dead was long-listed for the 2009 World Book Day Award.
Fifty Grand won the 2010 Spinetingler Award for best novel and was longlisted for the 2011 Theakston Best British Crime Novel Award selected Falling Glass as the Best Mystery or Thriller of 2011



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