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Smile of the Stowaway

Smile Of The Stowaway
A married couple, a stranger from far away and a murder that rocks their lives. Desperate to reach England, a bedraggled immigrant clings precariously beneath a couple’s motor home as they cross the Channel. Once holidaymakers Bob and Anne overcome their shock at his discovery and their initial reservations, they welcome the friendly stranger into their home in defiance of the law. But their trust is stretched to the limit when the police accuse the smiling twenty-three-year-old of a gruesome murder. Could this man from six thousand miles away be guilty? Or is the real killer still out there? Former national newspaper journalist Tony Bassett tells how Anne turns detective, battling against a mountain of circumstantial evidence and police bungling to discover the truth. This gripping first novel concerning a death in a remote Kentish country cottage is packed with mystery, suspense and occasional touches of humour.
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My Thoughts and Review:

My first time reading this author. The story is told in the first person, which I must admit I’m not a fan of. But on this occasion it did work.

Anne and Bob return from a holiday in France with their motorhome and are surprised to find out they have picked up a passenger, or rather a stowaway. His name is Yousef. He is fleeing from oppression in his homeland.

After recovering from their initial shock, they take to the stranger  and offer him a home and set about helping start a new life.

Later when a gruesome murder is committed , Yousef being a stranger in a strange land is the first suspect!

Bob is a superb narrator and tells the story clearly and reader is pulled along with the narrative.

This is a story of perceptions, of how a stranger is to be mistrusted and becomes the scapegoat. A story that challenges our beliefs. Are we as liberal as we like to think we are? Do we all have a little bit of mistrust for the stranger in our midst?; and if he is black are we not racist. As I said a book that asks a lot of questions in its  pages.

A good narrative and I will look out for more from this author and encourage you to read this book. Good story and good writing!


Author Bio –
Tony Bassett, who was born in West Kent, grew up wanting to be a writer from the age of nine when he edited a school magazine. After attending Hull University where he won a `Time-Life’ magazine student journalism award, he spent six years working as a journalist in Sidcup, Worcester and Cardiff before moving to Fleet Street. Tony spent 37 years working for the national press, mainly for the `Sunday People’ where he worked both for the newsdesk and the investigations department. He helped cover the Jeremy Thorpe trial for the `Evening Standard’, broke the news in the `Sun’ of Bill Wyman’s plans to marry Mandy Smith and found evidence for the `Sunday People’ of Rod Stewart’s secret love child. On one occasion, while working for `The People’, he took an escaped gangster back to prison. His first book, `Smile Of The Stowaway’, is one of four crime novels Tony has written over the past three years. He has five grown-up children and eleven grandchildren. He lives in South East London with his partner, Lin.
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Twitter: @tonybassett1
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The Cinderella Plan by Abi Sliver#Blog Tour#Rachel’sRandomResouces#

The Cinderella_FRONT_FINAL.jpg

The Cinderella Plan
When James Salisbury, the owner of a British car manufacturer, ploughs his ‘self-drive’ car into a young family, the consequences are deadly. Will the car’s ‘black box’ reveal what really happened or will the industry, poised to launch these products to an eager public, close ranks to cover things up?

James himself faces a personal dilemma. If it is proved that he was driving the car he may go to prison. But if he is found innocent, and the autonomous car is to blame, the business he has spent most of his life building, and his dream of safer transport for all, may collapse.
Lawyers Judith Burton and Constance Lamb team up once again, this time to defend a man who may not want to go free, in a case that asks difficult questions about the speed at which technology is taking over our lives.

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My Thoughts And Review:

My first dance with this author. And what a dance it was! Surely we would have won the Glitter ball.

James Salisbury has spent fifteen years building hi company SEDA. SEDA designs and manufactures autonomous cars. A technology that allows the car to drive in the safest way possible. A combination of lasers, radar and cameras make this the safest driving experience ever. No accidents, injuries or fatalities.

The cars on the road at the moment are hybrids: allowing the driver to take control. James Salisbury is in such a car when the impossible happens, an accident. An accident that kills 2 children, seriously injures there mother. James himself has amnesia and no recollection of the accident.

He finds himself on trial and if found guilty of controlling the car faces prison. If the car has malfunctioned, his dreams and company will fold.

What transpires is a novel with more twists and turns than Chubby Checker! Who is behind this accident, if not James?  Rival car companies, political lobbyists and colleague with their eye on the big prize, James’s company!  Could be all of them or none. You will have to read this book to find out. As soon as you think you know who it is, you are thrown a curveball and are back to square one.

Top quality writing, fantastic story that will have you turning the pages furiously!

Read it! You will not be disappointed. Trust me!

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Author Bio –
Yorkshire-bred, Abi Silver is a lawyer by profession. She lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and three sons. Her first courtroom thriller featuring the legal duo Judith Burton and Constance Lamb, The Pinocchio Brief, was published by Lightning Books in 2017 and was shortlisted for the Waverton Good Read Award. Her follow-up The Aladdin Trial, featuring the same legal team, was published in 2018.
Read more about Abi and her work at .
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Twitter: @abisilver16
Facebook: Abi Silver, Author

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Storytellers by Bjorn Larssen#Blog Tour. Rachel’sRandomresources#

Storytellers Storytellers-cover.jpg

In March 1920 Icelandic days are short and cold, but the nights are long. For most, on those nights, funny, sad, and dramatic stories are told around the fire. But there is nothing dramatic about Gunnar, a hermit blacksmith who barely manages to make ends meet. He knows nobody will remember him – they already don’t. All he wants is peace, the company of his animals, and a steady supply of his medication. Sometimes he wonders what it would feel like to have a story of his own. He’s about to find out.

Sigurd – a man with a plan, a broken ankle, and shocking amounts of money – won’t talk about himself, but is happy to tell a story that just might get Gunnar killed. The blacksmith’s other “friends” are just as eager to write him into stories of their own – from Brynhildur who wants to fix Gunnar, then marry him, his doctor who is on the precipice of calling for an intervention, The Conservative Women of Iceland who want to rehabilitate Gunnar’s “heathen ways” – even the wretched elf has plans for the blacksmith.

As his defenses begin to crumble, Gunnar decides that perhaps his life is due for a change – on his own terms. But can he avoid the endings others have in mind for him, and forge his own?
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My Thoughts And Review:

This was an interesting read. Set in Iceland in two timelines. Iceland in the 1800’s and 1920. If you like this type of read then this maybe for you!

In 1920 Iceland. Gunnar a blacksmith barely making ends meet. is surprised to have a visitor who goes by the name of Sigurd. The only things Gunnar knows about Sigurd is he is old, says he has come from America and has a broken ankle. The rest is a mystery and Sigurd remains an enigma.  March in Iceland,  is a land of short days and long dark nights. A perfect setting for story telling. It is a land of Sagas after all. This is what Sigurd proceeds to do.

Gunnar is the reluctant host to his unwanted guest and is also beset by villagers, especially the female variety; who wish to stop his alcoholism, cut his hair, shave his beard and marry him off to a member of the fair sex.

As Gunnar gets embroiled  in Sigurd’s story and is best on all sides he feels he is losing control of his life which is falling into the hands of others.

As I said earlier an interesting read, with top quality and descriptive writing. The reader can find him/herself in the harsh, stark landscape. The book initially starts as dual timelines which draw ever closer and reach a satisfying conclusion.

I urge you to read it.

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Author Bio –
Bjørn Larssen was made in Poland. He is mostly located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, except for his heart which he lost in Iceland. Born in 1977, he self-published his first graphic novel at the age of seven in a limited edition of one. Since then his short stories and essays were published in Rita Baum Art Magazine, Writer Unboxed, Inaczej Magazine),,, and Holandia Expat Magazine. He is a member of Alliance of Independent Authors and Writer Unboxed.
Bjørn has a Master of Science degree in mathematics, worked as a graphic designer, a model, and a blacksmith. He used to speak eight languages (currently down to two and a half). His hobbies include sitting by open fires, dressing like an extra from Vikings, installing operating systems, and dreaming about living in a log cabin in the north of Iceland, even though he hates being cold. He has only met an elf once. So far.
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