Blood Family by Graeme Hampton# Blog Tour# Thanks to Sarah Hardy#

Book Description:

All families have secrets… some are deadly.
When D.I. Matthew Denning is called in to investigate a house fire in a North London street, he never anticipated the horrors that awaited him. As Denning and D.S. Molly Fisher search the wreckage, the bodies of the Galloway family – Brian and Ellie, son Simon, daughter Amber and 9-year-old grandson Caleb – are discovered in the smouldering house.
All evidence points to a tragic accident… until Matthew and Molly discover that the family was dead before the fire, murdered in their home by a faceless psychopath. What started as a routine investigation swiftly turns into a murder investigation, with Denning and Fisher hunting a killer who has wiped out three generations with a shotgun.
But as the case deepens, Denning and Fisher discover that the Galloways were no ordinary family. Like all families, they harbour secrets – but unlike others, their secrets were so deadly, someone is willing to spill blood to keep them hidden…
An utterly gripping detective novel set in London, Blood Family will thrill fans of Angela Marsons, Mark Billingham and Robert Bryndza.


If you like your books fast paced, involved stories and surprises round every corner, then this is the book for you.

Starts out very simply. D.I. Denning is called out to investigate, what on the face of it is an tragic fire. A whole family die in the fire. But when the bodies are examined they are found to be dead before the fire started. Who is the psychopath? Why kill a whole family including a nine year old boy?

As the investigation deepens a lot of things are thrown up; at first unconnected to the initial crime. If you want to find out what they are you will need to grab a copy and read on!

The author juggles multiple stands in the telling of his tale and all are essential to the plot. His prose is crisp and of a quality that makes the reader turning the pages. The reader will find themselves enjoying the tale but at no time feel them overwhelmed by the amount of information they’re taking on board.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and if you like your thrillers with bite then you will to. Give it a try, I think you will like it!

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Author Bio:

Graeme Hampton was born in Paisley, and grew up in Stirling. After leaving school, he trained as a stage manager and worked in London for a number of years. He returned to Scotland in his late twenties to study for a BA in English Literature at Stirling University. His first novel, Know No Evil, was published in 2019 by Hera Books. His next book, Blood Family, will be published in January 2020.
He lives in Hastings, East Sussex.
Twitter: @GHam001
Instagram: graeme_hampton


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