Medusa’s Children, Keith Antar Mason/ Poetry/ Black Lives Matter @ Love Books Tours, Kelly Lacey

Blurb:MEDUSA’S CHILDREN by Keith Antar Mason
From performing in the alleys of LA, Keith Antar Mason recounts his experience of getting on stage at the  ICA in London with The Hittite Empire Performance Art Collective, an all-Black Intergenerational Men’s Cultural Elite.The narrative of the London trip and snippets of the author’s experiences back in LA is effortlessly interwoven with visceral and evocative images from Black History, as memorised in his genes: We are the nightstickedBillyclubbedStrangewaysStrangefruitsSurvivorsEvery summer is a Red SummerMedusa’s Children is a one voice rant, a prose memoir, a wish poem.This is a memory written inAshes and FogOur Life on MarsStone cold word killersSpitting Knowledge and TruthMother MedusaMake usSubliminal Seducers

Well I’ve got to confess something at the start. I’m not a lover of poetry. I think it goes back to my days at school, where we had to learn poems by rote. And these poems were written by people a long time dead.

But this was entirely different from anything I have read before. No ” wandering lonely as a cloud here” This was a difference to what I am used to receiving from poetry.

This was political poetry. This was a rant and also a picture of the differences between two different cultures.

The verse that stuck with me began ” In America I was born a suspect






Not because of anything he has done or might have done. He is suspected of being a criminal because of the colour of his skin. Being asked by the police to assume the position he likens it to the auctions of the slave block.

A book of poetry that will challenge your beliefs and perceptions. It will give you an insight into what it means to be black in 21st century America. An educational book.

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