The Coral Bride by Roxanne Bouchard/ Blog Tour/Orenda Books Quebec/ Fishing Community. @RandomThingsTours


In this beautiful, lyrical sequel to the critically acclaimed
We Were the Salt of the Sea, Detective Moralès finds
that a seemingly straightforward search for a missing
fisherwoman off Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula is anything but.
When an abandoned lobster trawler is found adrift off the
coast of Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula, DS Joaquin Moralès
begins a straightforward search for the boat ’s missing
captain, Angel Roberts – a woman in a male-dominated
world. But Moralès finds himself blocked at every turn – by
his police colleagues, by fisheries bureaucrats, and by his
grown-up son, who has turned up at his door with a host of
his own personal problems.
When Angel’s body is finally discovered, it ’s clear something
very sinister is afoot, and Moralès and son are pulled into
murky, dangerous waters, where old resentments run deep…
An exquisitely written, evocative and poetic thriller, The
Coral Bride powerfully conjures the might of the sea and the
communities who depend on it, the never-ending struggle
between the generations, and an extraordinary mystery at
the heart of both.

This book is ideal for people who like books set in small communities; with all that that entails. A mistrust of strangers and a setting where secrets are kept close to the heart and not divulged to others, especially those from the outside. A place not to turn up in, not if you have baggage of your own.

Such a man is Detective Moralès who thinks he is on a routine missing person case. It is anything but routine when the missing person turns up dead and he is quickly involved in a murder case. But his investigation is baulked at every turn. By the community closing ranks, by his fellow police officers and he finds himself up against a brick wall and he is stalled at every step of the investigation.

This is also compounded by the fact that his wife has left to return to the city and his son Sebastian, who is having his own problems, turns up and tries to reconnect with his estranged father.

Enough of the story. What I really like about this book is the writing.  This isn’t just a novel, it’s a song. An ode to the sea and the fishing community. You will feel as if you’re at the heart of this fascinating community and its dark side. The writing and translation are both of a quality that involves the reader in the story. Although a dark story it is not without its comedic moments. Roxanne writes a story that picks up on the minutiae Of small town communities. So a last word Recommended!


Over ten years ago, Roxanne Bouchard decided it was time she found her
sea legs. So she learned to sail, first on the St Lawrence River, before
taking to the open waters off the Gaspé Peninsula. The local fishermen
soon invited her aboard to reel in their lobster nets, and Roxanne saw for
herself that the sunrise over Bonaventure never lies. Her fifth novel (first
translated into English) We Were the Salt of the Sea was published in 2018
to resounding critical acclaim, sure to be followed by its sequel, The Coral
Bride. She lives in Quebec.

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