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Spirits of Vengeance: The Assassin of Araneque picks up several years after the original book, following the further adventures of  Kamina and Kaedin Elloeth.

The pair of elves are drawn back into the magical mysteries of the vengeance spirits when a deadly assassin starts killing off all those who were associated with Lord Malenek. Along the way, they encounter friends both old and new, with some past allegiances being broken in order to protect the power of the Gods from being abused. 


This is the sequel to Spirits of Vengeance: The Stone of Spirits . Which I haven’t read. I was left with the feeling that though I liked the book, I would really have enjoyed this book if I had read book one

The premise of book two is simple

After saving the world from the fire god Risaar, tree elf Kamina Elloeth chose to join the legendary Ishkava Rangers. But when a new threat emerges, placing her brother in the crosshairs of an assassin, Kamina is forced to abandon her teachings and turn rogue.Guided by her vengeance spirit Callaghan Tor, Kamina must journey across the lands of Enara to extinguish the threat. When she learns the assassin’s true identity, it triggers a race to restore the balance of magic across the land.Pursued by her fellow rangers, she reunites with old friends to aid her on her quest. Kamina must wrestle her demons and discover her inner strength before she is ready to face off against THE ASSASSIN OF ARANEQUE

The world all these characters inhabit have all the ingredients of Epic or High Fantasy with tropes I have read in other fantasy books, not that I read much, notably Lord Of The Rings. A group of friends on a quest and they come up against shape shifters, dragons, centaurs and of course a magical sword. The world building was good and what you would expect in a good fantasy novel.

The writing and storyline is of the highest quality and made me keep turning the pages and is I said earlier I would have enjoyed it better if I had read book one.


Andrew John Rainnie is a writer, filmmaker and graphic designer from Renfrew, Scotland. He studied English Literature & Film at the University of Glasgow and later went on to complete a Masters in Screenwriting at Bournemouth University. He has written and directed several short films, music videos and promotions for local charities. He currently lives in Glasgow with his wife Lisa, their two cats, Brando and Niro, and their dog Amber.


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