Holes In The Veil by Beth Overmyer Blog Tour/ Fantasy/ Goblets Immortal/ Book Two/ Anne Cater RandomThingsTours


Having killed his lifelong enemy, Aidan Ingledark finds himself in possession
of a map to the Questing Goblet, one of the Goblets Immortal that gives the
drinker luck beyond measure. Meraude seeks this Goblet to wipe out magic kind. Aidan and his traveling companion are determined to find it first but
they must battle through illusion and doubt.
Jinn’s a Sight-ful seeking the Summoner. She wants to kill her mother, but her
foresight ends in darkness. Can she enlist Aidan’s help and change her fate?
The threat of Meraude and her dominion are imminent in this sequel to The
Goblets Immortal.


This is book two in the Goblets Immortal trilogy. It carries on the adventures Aidan. He is armed with a map that will lead to the next Goblet. This is known as the Questing Goblet. This gives the person who drinks immeasurable luck. Meraude seeks this goblet in her quest to wipe out magic kind. Magic against magic. If ever there’s a recipe for disaster, this could be it.

Aidan and his travelling companion Slain set out to find this Goblet and along the way decide they should find it and keep it’s power for themselves.

Jinn’s a Sight-ful and along with her brother Quick are on a quest of their own. Jinn wants to kill her mother but the way to do it is mired in darkness.

The story swings between both of these bands of intrepid adventurers. In a story peopled with rich and mysterious characters, both in person and also with the ability to enter dreams or minds. Are your actions your own or guided by others out with your own control.

This book is richer in story and world building than book one. The narrative drives the reader along and makes them feel they are on the adventure with the four traveller. At the rate Beth’s story telling and writing are improving the last book in the trilogy should be worth reading. Until then I would recommend the previous two in the series. If you like fantasy you will love this book.


Beth Overmyer is the author of several works of genre
fiction, the middle grade novella In a Pickle being among
them. Fueled by tea, loved by cats everywhere, she
balances her home life with writing novels and leading a
creative writing group at her local library.

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