Into the Mouth of the Lion by A.B. Kyazze/ Blog Tour/ Angola/ Civil War/ @RandomThings Tours


Angola, 2002. In the last days of a vicious civil war, it is a dangerous landscape
rife with rebel soldiers, land mines, corruption and deception. A suspicious
explosion kills a beloved nurse, while another humanitarian worker goes
Lena Rodrigues, a young photographer, flies out to Angola’s highlands to piece
together the reasons behind her sister’s disappearance. But will she have the
strength to bear witness to the truth, before she gets entangled in the
country’s conflict for minerals and power?


This was an outstanding read. A book that raises more questions than are answered. The main question is what would you do?
Suppose you had a sister you were estranged from, who you hadn’t spoken to in more than a decade. A sister who walked out on her own mother’s funeral. You know, the last you heard she was working with refugees in war torn Angola. A civil war that has been raging for over two decades and at the time of the story is nearing its end. A sister who has ignored her nearest and dearest, Who left all behind to pursue her own dreams and to hell with everyone else.
What would you do if you heard she was involved in an accident and was missing. Would you wait for news and whatever it may be and face the consequences. Or would you do what Lena does an go to Angola to search her sister?
This is a book that raises the questions of greed, selfishness but also the fact, that no matter what blood is thicker than water and you must do what the heart tells you and over ruling the head.
A book of love, loss, greed and the spectre of white privilege. A masterful story wrapped up in beautiful prose that tugs at the heartstrings and totally involves the reader. You will be invested in the story of Lena and her sister DJ. A book I heartily recommend to every lover of a good story. 

A.B. Kyazze is a British-American writer and photographer. She spent more
than 18 years writing and taking photographs in humanitarian crises across the
globe in Africa, Asia and the Balkans. Into the Mouth of the Lion is her debut
novel. She recently published short stories in The Great Lakes Review, Byte the
Book and The National Anthology of Flash Fiction 2019 (UK). She also writes book
reviews and articles, and teaches creative writing classes for children.

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