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This is the raw, unconventional true story of how one woman, while trying to ‘do good’ to a local
man with complex psychological needs, ends up in an unorthodox friendship and finds herself
charting his life. Part biography, part social history, part memoir, Stephen, From the Inside
Out follows the journey of a man named Stephen and his connection to Susie, who became his
friend and wanted his story to be heard. ‘Stephen told me his life was a complete waste of time – yet
he changed mine,’ said Susie. ‘I want people to catch sight of the warmth, beauty and complexity
that was hidden behind his protective façade.’
‘The story of Stephen and Susie was a fabulous winner of our 2019 Impress Prize,’ said Jeffrey
Collyer, CEO of Impress Books. ‘This is a story that is incredibly important for our world and I feel
privileged to have worked with Susie on it.’
Frank, tragic, yet at times hilarious – this book not only tells a compelling and important story but
will be vital reading for anyone who cares about mental health in our contemporary world.
‘Susie weaves Stephen’s life story with that of changing attitudes to mental health in the UK. As you
read it is impossible not to feel anger, compassion, and rage at the way people like Stephen have
been treated […] It takes you into a world few of us know much about and you will emerge, as I did,
far richer for the experience.’ – Dr Michael Mosley, science presenter, journalist, and author
Stephen, From the Inside Out will be published 2nd April 2021. It is available for pre-order and will be
available from all major booksellers, as well as independent bookshops. For more information, please
email Jeffrey Collyer at


This was an outstanding read and approached a difficult subject, mental health from a different perspective. Most books on this subject are looking in and in some cases looking down on.
Susie has approached this subject in a different way. She introduces Stephen and in meeting him learns a lot about him and his life. How he views his world and how it views him.
People who suffer from mental health problems see the world differently from so called normal people. Is that because they’re many different types of mental health and many people suffer from a combination of more than one, eg. Autism and Schizophrenia; and are also misdiagnosed.
What is different about Stephen’s story it is told from his perspective, looking out and trying to make sense of a world at times seems confusing and cruel and frightening.
This book will give an insight into the world of mental health and the frustrations it causes so called normal people. Susie teaches us as she learns to traverse the minefield that is mental health.
Susie has written a book that in someway lets have an insight into a difficult world. But more importantly gives Stephen a voice as he looks out from the inside. She wraps up this book in such a way that has you angry, frustrated and happy all in the space of a few words. Though at times a very sad book it also gives glimpses of humour along the way. Stephen lives in a black and white world with no understanding of the grey areas most of us inhabit. Bur this can be crossed by a, to Stephen’s mind, with a logical answer. When he tells a nurse he would like to stab her she counters that if he did who would feed him. In Stephen’s words “Fair point”
A beautiful book that the reader will love, highly recommended and thankyou Susie for telling Stephen’s story.


Susie Stead is an award-winning writer with an MA in Dramatic Writing and twenty years’ experience
writing and producing drama and short films, including collaborations with people with lived
experience of mental illness. She is also a freelance accredited mindfulness teacher. Stephen from
the Inside Out is her first book.

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