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About the Book:

For the first forty-one years of his life, Norman made many mistakes.

He went on trial at the Old Bailey, was deprived of his corporal stripe innumerable times, went AWOL twice, was handed a twenty-eight day detention, three days under close arrest and charged with dangerous driving.

He was without doubt an extremely determined and talented musician and played trumpet obligato at a society wedding.

But then, tragedy struck. How did it affect him and will he be able to redeem himself?

Author as seen in Who Do You Think You Are magazine (June 2022 out now)
The family long believed he had deserted during WW2 and absconded to Canada leaving behind his wife and six children.

This book examines what the whole family want to know “What happened to Uncle Norman?”

Become part of the family as his Great Niece gives out first hand clues that answers this puzzling question.

My Thoughts:

A great wee book made up of fact and fiction. Every family has a skeleton or black sheep. In this case Uncle Norman. Sue Cavill conjures up a tale as she dives into the life of her enigmatic family member. 

Sue Norman’s great niece has heard the whispers and has decided to investigate. The result is not a biography or a novel; but rather a mash up of the two. Altogether a great read. Sue uses newspaper cuttings of Norman’s life sprinkled with a bit of fiction. As you read this book you will find yourself going through a range of emotions in regard to Norman and his life. He comes across as arrogant, selfish and bullish. What you have to remember is Norman is a man of his times. Men were meant to be the breadwinners and women the homemakers and rightly or wrongly little was taken into account of the effect of child bearing and home making on a woman’s mentality.

Having lost his father at an early age, and being show little love he in return couldn’t show affection.

A life full of fabrications, lies and deceptions is finally turned around in Australia, not Canada where everyone thought he had disappeared to. You can loath and love Norman but as the saying goes” walk a mile in his shoes” before you judge. I’m glad I read this book, maybe you will like it to.

The Author:

Born In Hertfordshire England, and still resident of aforementioned County.

My writing journey started in 2021 but in my family history research journey started around 2002. After a family party my daughter asked me how we knew those people, a simple sketch showed me I knew nothing passed my Grandmother, the rest as they say is self taught history.

Using the Subtitle Skeletons from the cupboard, I explore Family History stories

During a clean up, of my tree, I noticed I had a mysterious Great Uncle who I knew nothing about. My first story is based around the facts that I chased down, over a period of some 11/12 years. Resulting in “What Happened to Uncle Norman?”

Using the Subtitle Grumpy Woman, I write about workplace trauma (bullying) and help moving forwards. These will be available from July onwards.

My coaching journey started after things that had happened and a lot of research, I have books coming out about workplace trauma/bullying. And how to start finding your you.

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