Hunter’s Secret by Val Penny Blog Tour@RandomResources Edinburgh/ Crime Series

Hunter’s Secret
Detective Inspector Hunter Wilson is called to the scene of a murder. DCs Tim Myerscough and Bear Zewedu found a corpse, but when Hunter arrives it has disappeared, and all is not as it seems.

Hunter recalls the disappearance of a dead body thirty years earlier. The Major Incident Team is called in but sees no connection – it is too long ago. Hunter is determined to investigate the past and the present with the benefit of modern DNA testing.

Tim has other problems in his life. His father, Sir Peter Myerscough, is released from jail. He, too, remembers the earlier murder. There is no love lost between Hunter and Sir Peter. Will Hunter accept help from his nemesis to catch a killer?
Hunter’s own secret is exciting and crucial to his future. Will it change his life? And can he keep Edinburgh safe?
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This is book five in this series, which I read as a standalone. So there was a certain amount of back story I was unfamiliar with. So in hindsight it would’ve been better if I had read the previous four. Having said that I enjoyed this book.

So where to begin… this is a story with a past and a present and more than a few coincidences that make this is a very compelling read. The past is when two young friends discover a body, they then report it but the body then vanishes.

The present is 30 years later, very much a similar setting of a body that disappears after it being reported. The reason it is connected to an old case is down to DI Hunter, he was one of the young boys responsible for the discovery years earlier.

As the title suggests, this book has a secret, it is one of many and as the story progressed the full complexity is fully explored. I really liked the way the author created double and mistrust from the outset and it added a certain amount of excitement to the investigation. Working out the goodies from the baddies was interesting, to say the least, I do love it when you get the odd rogue thrown in for good measure. Secrets within the criminal world is an obvious thing, but sometimes this can cross over and that’s when things get really interesting.

I found there were quite a few characters to get my head around, and this is why I think I would have enjoyed the book more if I had started the series from the beginning. There is an obvious team camaraderie at work in the story as there is some very good banter between characters. They have friendships that are built up in a workplace and then also on a social level, I think this is something that is built up over several books. So as well as getting to know the coppers, I also obviously had to get to know various other characters. This did mean I slowed my reading.

I thought the story was great, it was intriguing and I really enjoyed the twisty journey I was taken on. I also really liked the more personal side to some of the characters, its not all about work!

I will go back and read the previous four books and I would advise anyone to start at book one as I feel you as a reader will grow with the characters.


Author Bio – Val Penny is an American author living in SW Scotland. She has two adult daughters of whom she is justly proud and lives with her husband and two cats. She has a Law degree from Edinburgh University and her MSc from Napier University. She has had many jobs including hairdresser, waitress, lawyer, banker, azalea farmer and lecturer. However, she has not yet achieved either of her childhood dreams of being a ballerina or owning a candy store. Until those dreams come true, she has turned her hand to writing poetry, short stories and novels.

Her crime novels, ‘Hunter’s Chase’ Hunter’s Revenge, Hunter’s Force and Hunter’s Blood form the bestselling series The Edinburgh Crime Mysteries. They are set in Edinburgh, Scotland, published by Crooked Cat Books. The fifth novel in the series, Hunter’s Secret, is published by darkstroke. Her first non-fiction book, Let’s Get Published is available now.

Social Media Links –  Twitter @valeriepenny


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Snatched From Home by Graham Smith #BlogTour#@Anne Cater @RandomThings#Kidnapping. What would you do?


Middle-class parents Victoria and Nicholas Foulkes are distraught when their children are kidnapped against Nicholas’ gambling debts. Penniless and desperate the couple turn to crime as a way to raise the ransom.Hot on their heels is recently bereaved DI Harry Evans and his Major Crimes team. Evans is fighting against enforced retirement and his replacement – DI John Campbell – is foisted upon him along with other cases. If he must leave the police then he wants one last big case before he goes.In a race against time Victoria and Nicholas must evade the police while continuing to add to the ransom fund. If they don’t pay up on time the kidnappers have threatened to amputate their children’s limbs with an oxy-acetylene torch.Can they save their children before time runs out?


What a bloody great book this was! A great introduction to D.I. Harry Evans and his Major Crimes team. I have read some of Graham’s previous books but never any of his Harry Evans series.

Graham can really write a story and really drag you along with him. If you have never read anything by Graham you could do know no worse than start with this book. I think you will soon add him to your list of favourite authors! The first few sentences will grab you by the throat and you will be hooked.

Victoria and Nicholas’s children are kidnapped when Nicholas gets himself into trouble when he has run up gambling debts and they have to resort to crime to pay his debts. This puts a strain on their marriage . The only thing holding them together is the fact that their children’s lives are stake! They will be tortured and then killed if Nicholas does not pay his debts.

This is a debut novel and what a great debut it is! The story is brilliant and Graham’s writing is of a quality that the reader will enjoy. I urge you to read this book as you will enjoy it and you will look forward to reading more by this author.

This book is as fast paced and gritty read that will have you on the edge of your seat then this is the one for you!

Thanks to Graham Smith for the story and Anne Cater for the Blog Tour and the invite. I urge you once again to read this book.


Graham Smith is a time served joiner who has built bridges, houses, dug drains and slated roofs to make ends meet. Since Christmas 2000, he has been manager of a busy hotel and wedding venue near Gretna Green, Scotland.
He is an internationally best-selling Kindle author and has six books featuring DI Harry Evans and the Cumbrian Major Crimes Team, and four novels, featuring Utah doorman, Jake Boulder. His ‘Lakes’ series which has three novels featuring DC Beth Young has received much critical acclaim.
An avid fan of crime fiction since being given one of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books at the age of eight, he has also been a regular reviewer and interviewer for the well-respected website since 2009
Graham is the founder of Crime and Publishment, a weekend of crime-writing classes which includes the chance for attendees to pitch their novels to agents and publishers. Since the first weekend in 2013, ten attendees have gone on to sign publishing contracts.
Graham can be found at

Written In Blood by Chris Carter/ Blog Tour@RandomThingsTours/ Serial Killers /Hunter& Garcia

‘Carter is now in the Jeffery Deaver class’ Daily Mail
A serial killer will stop at nothing…
The Killer
His most valuable possession has been stolen.
Now he must retrieve it, at any cost.
The Girl
Angela Wood wanted to teach the man a lesson. It was a
bag, just like all the others. But when she opens it, the
worst nightmare of her life begins.
The Detective
A journal ends up at Robert Hunter’s desk. It soon
becomes clear that there is a serial killer on the loose.
And if he can’t stop him in time, more people will die.
If you have read it
You must die
Praise for Chris Carter
‘Punchy and fast paced’ Sunday Mirror
‘Carter has a background in criminal psychology and the killers at the centre of his novels are all the
more terrifying for it’ Mail on Sunday, chosen for ‘If You Only Pack One’
‘This is a chilling, compulsive portrait of a psychopath, and proves that Carter is now in the Jeffery
Deaver class’ Daily Mail
‘Carter is one of those authors who makes writing look effortless … I couldn’t put it down’ Crime Squad


Well here we are at book number eleven in the series, which can be read perfectly as a stand alone. But if you started at the beginning of the series you would Know about Hunter and Garcia’s relationship as they hunt down killers!

Hunter is not only a detective but also a psychologist which gives him an insight into the minds of the psychopaths he hunts.

The story starts with Hunter coming into possession of a journal of a serial killer, which shows details of past crimes. Cases that have been on the books but have never been solved. At first Hunter and Garcia think they are dealing with a schizophrenic as he says voices are telling him to do the killings. But as they investigate further it is not as simple as that.

Hunter and Garcia are lead detectives in the Ultra Violent Crimes unit which investigates twisted, violent and dark serial killers. And this case is no less dark than any of their previous cases. It leads the reader on a twisted, dark road to a satisfying conclusion!

If you like your thrillers on the dark, twisted and need I say it gory side then this is the book for you. The story is great, the writing is top quality and will drag you through the book without any effort from the author or reader.

They say you should write what you know and Chris certainly does this. His background in criminal psychology shines through on every page!

Thanks to Chris Carter for the story and Anne Cater for the blog tour invite.

About the Author
Born in Brazil of Italian origin, Chris Carter studied psychology and criminal behaviour at the
University of Michigan. As a member of the Michigan State District Attorney’s Criminal Psychology
team, he interviewed and studied many criminals, including serial and multiple homicide offenders
with life imprisonment convictions. He now lives in London.
Visit his website
@CarterChris @chriscarterbooksofficial

The Greenbecker Gambit by Ben Graff/ Blog Tour/Madness and Chess/ Pyromanania /Alcoholism


The Greenbecker Gambit

‘I only feel truly alive when the chess clock is ticking and the patterns on the squares in front of me are dancing in my head. Very little else gives me the same feeling. Nothing else, that does not involve a flame.’

Tennessee Greenbecker is bravely optimistic as he sets out to claim what he sees as rightfully his – the title of world chess champion. But who is he really? Is he destined to be remembered as chess champion or fire-starter? Either way, might this finally be his moment?


Chess and Bridge


This was a strange novel. Multi-layered . Dark, disturbing and comedic in turns. A book that entertains and makes you wonder at the same time.

The main protagonist is Tennessee Greenbecker. A chess master? who is down on his luck and just needs one more shot to get back in the big time. Meanwhile he is resorted to begging for money from his younger brother Gabriel. He is convinced that his brother is controlling the purse strings of his late mother’s estate. Well a lot of things are against Tennessee, in his mind anyway and nothing is his fault and everything and everyone is conspiring to bring about his downfall. His brother and his girlfriend, the chess authorities who he refers to as the State. Yep nothing is his fault. As well as being a great chess player, well in his mind anyway, he is also a pyromaniac! He delights in starting fires in random places. When out for a meal with his brother and in the down and out hotels he is staying in.

A book that disturbs and gives an insight into the delusional . He is wandering the labyrinth of a fragile and broken mind. The writing is of a quality that drags the reader along with Tennessee and his chaotic world.

Thanks to Ben Graff for the tale and Rachel Gibley for the tour and the invite.

Author Bio – Ben Graff is a writer, journalist and Corporate Affairs professional. He is a regular contributor to Chess and Authors Publish. He is not a grandmaster but did draw with one once.

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LinkedInBen Graff

Deadly Wishes by Rachel McLean BlogTourRachelsRandomResourcesD.I. Zoe Finch New Crime Series


Deadly Wishes

Meet Zoe Finch, West Midlands Police’s newest Detective Inspector. She’s outspoken, ambitious, and damaged. And she’s working a case that could make her career, or cost her everything…

Fresh from the success of the Canary investigation into depravity and corruption at the highest levels, Zoe has attracted attention. Not least from Assistant Chief Constable Bryn Jackson.

But when Jackson is brutally murdered on the night of his retirement party, Zoe is dragged into a case that’s deeply personal.

All the evidence points to the victim’s downtrodden wife, who has secrets of her own. But Zoe begins to suspect all isn’t as it seems. Could Jackson’s death be linked to the Canary case? And what is her new boss, DCI David Randle, hiding?

Seeking out the truth will force Zoe to confront her own past and put her career, and her team’s lives, on the line.

Deadly Wishes is a gritty crime thriller perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Caroline Mitchell, and the BBC’s Line of Duty.

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UK –


Well this is a new chapter in Rachel’s writing career. She is venturing into a crime series. This is the first book in what I hope will be a long running series. And what a book it was!

The book sees newly promoted Zoe Finch, who throughout her career has been catching the eyes of the higher echelons of her force, not least her Assistant Chief Constable Bryn Jackson. Zoe makes an appearance at Bryn’s retirement party and little knowing the next time she sees him he will be a murder victim. Who killed him and why?; this is a riddle Zoe must solve. No pressure then!

As well as trying to solve this case Zoe finds herself trying to navigate the rivers of office politics and the ingrained misogyny of her force. She also finds the deeper she goes in this investigation and the more she uncovers the more she finds is hidden covered by a network of lies. Everyone seems to be lying or at the least bending the truth. And her D.C.I. David Randle can he be hiding the biggest lie of all. What is he hiding?

This is a great book. Great narrative and top quality writing. Rachel improves with every book and if you haven’t read anything by her you could do yourself no harm by picking this book up. In fact just read Rachel McLean she is bloody brilliant!

Author Bio –
My name’s Rachel McLean and I write thrillers that make you think.

What does that mean?

In short, I want my stories to make your pulse race and your brain tick.

Do you often get through a thriller at breakneck pace but are left with little sense of what the book was really about? Do you sometimes read literary fiction but just wish something would damn well happen?

My books aim to fill that gap.

If you’d like to know more about my books and receive extra bonus content, please join my book club at club. I’ll send you a weekly email with news about my writing research and progress, stories and bonus content for each book. And I’ll let you know when my books are on offer.
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The Bone Jar by S.W.Kane/Blogtour @RandomThingsTour@AnneCater Murder/Crime/AbandonedAsylum


The Bone Jar

Two murders. An abandoned asylum. Will a mysterious former patient help untangle the dark truth?

The body of an elderly woman is been found in the grounds of a derelict asylum on the banks of the Thames. As Detective Lew Kirby and his partner begin their investigation, another body is discovered in the river nearby. Gradually, the secrets of Blackwater Asylum begin to reveal themselves; there are rumours of secret rooms, unspeakable psychological experimentation and a dark force that haunts the ruins. Urban explorer Connie Darke has her own interest in the asylum; it’s where her sister died in a freak accident and she’s determined to help Kirby expose its grisly past. Meanwhile Kirby discovers a devastating family secret that threatens to turn his life upside down. As his world crumbles around him, Kirby must put the pieces of the puzzle together to keep the killer from striking again. Only an eccentric former patient knows the truth—but will he reveal it to Kirby or Connie before it’s too late?


What a great book this was. So full of twists and turns. keeps you second guessing yourself. The premise is basically, the body of 85 year old woman turns up in the abandoned Blackwater Asylum. What is her connection, if any, to the asylum?

Though it could be called a police procedural, I think it’s more a psychological thriller, as it focuses on secrets and connections to the asylum.

This book was so atmospheric and chilling. The plotting was brilliant and kept the reader gripped! You can taste and smell the decay in the abandoned asylum and the body of the dead elderly woman.

What is her connection to the asylum. Has she a past that has caused her death? Another thing that makes you think is the fact that the site of the asylum is due for redevelopment and has limited access, for construction personal only. Have the redevelopers something to do with this mysterious death or is it a way of halting the redevelopment.

Another thing you may like is that this book also explores urban exploring!

A great book that you will enjoy if you like your thrillers dark, mysterious and claustrophobic. I would urge you to read it!

Thanks to the author , publishers for the ARC. which I’ve reviewed honestly.

The Man Behind Closed Doors by Maria Frankland…..Domestic Abuse @RandomThingsTours@Anne Cater


What could be so bad that a six-year-old stops talking?
Domestic violence isn’t only perpetrated by men. Ask Paul Jackson who is on remand, accused of stabbing his wife, Michelle. As he reveals his reality behind their troubled marriage, it seems that only his six-year-old knows what really happened. But she’s trapped in her own world of silence


This is a book about domestic violence. Domestic violence is always perpetrated by men against women right.


This is not always the case, women can abuse men, sometimes even worse. Is it because it is the thing you expect least. A man is usually physically stronger and can stand up to anything a woman can push his way. Again wrong!

Maria has written a tale that highlights the fact that abuse is abuse. We are all human after all.

Paul’s caught in a trap that many victims of abuse find themselves in. Trying to appease, leave or stay. He is also fearful for his young daughter. Will he do any of these things or will he simply snap.

This is a book about love gone sour, the fragility of human beings and are we conditioned to act the way we do or is there no excuse.

This a book that makes the reader think and say to themselves, there but for the grace of God go I! An enjoyable and thoughtful book. The story is good and the prose crisp and moves the story along at a pace. I urge you to read it.



Maria Frankland’s life began at 40 when she escaped an unhappy marriage and began making a living from her own writing and becoming a teacher of creative writing.

The rich tapestry of life with all its turbulent times has enabled her to pour experience, angst and lessons learned into the writing of her novels and poetry.

She recognises that the darkest places can exist within family relationships and this is reflected in the domestic thrillers she writes.

She is a ‘born ‘n’ bred’ Yorkshirewoman, a mother of two and has recently found her own ‘happy ever after’ after marrying again.

Still in her forties, she is now going to dedicate the rest of her working life to writing books and inspiring other writers to also achieve their dreams too!

Twitter @writermaria_f

Call Me Joe by Martin Van Es and Andrew Crofts/ Blog TourJoeProject @Anne Cater/RandomThingsTours


The world is on the brink of disaster.
The environment, society and mankind itself are facing extreme challenges in a world that is both more connected, and yet more divided than ever before. Fear and confusion seep into all parts of everyday life now, more than ever, the world needs one voice, one guide…

One day the Earth is plunged into darkness and when light appears again so does a man – call him Joe – claiming to be the son of God.

Can Joe bring the world’s most creative thinkers and leaders together to tackle the ills of mankind?

Can he convince us all to follow him before it’s too late?

In this compelling and prescient novel, Martin van Es and Andrew Crofts highlight the key concerns of our time and imagines a future where we, at last, all work together to ensure the future of our world and all the life that calls it home.


This was a hard book to put into any genre. Some might think it’s Scyfi, New Age or semi factual novel.

What did appeal to me was it was a fast read. Joe had a sense of humour and the vested interests in the status-quo perceived Joe as a threat.

What I did not like, as I none believer what the emphasis on religion.

Overall the story was reasonable, that Joe as he becomes to be known is the second coming and he will save the world from the Armageddon of climate change. A believable idea for some but not others. A book some may like but I didn’t for reasons stated. I guess the only way to find out is if you read it.


Martin van Es is a Dutch entrepreneur, father and grandfather. Born in 1959, the youngest of three children, he studied clinical psychology in Groningen, but got distracted by partying and a permanent lack of money.

In 1986, he became a father to his daughter, and his son joined the world in 1989, spurring him forward to quit studying, focus on working and start living more seriously.
After graduating in international marketing, Martin took a job as a purchasing director, enabling him to travel the world.
He then became director of a packaging wholesaler in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Over 14 years he developed the company alongside his team to create a leading player in the international packaging industry, working on more sustainable packaging concepts. In 2005, Martin sold the company to the largest distributor in the packaging world, and he ventured into volunteering, investing and advising companies. Martin is particularly proud of father-and-son outdoor events company, MooiWeer, on the beautiful island of Terschelling.

Between 2013 and 2017, Martin was director and co-owner of a large, international group of packaging wholesale companies specialized in environmental issues. The role, as well as the birth of his first two grandchildren, have had a massive influence on Martin.

He started writing Call Me Joe in 2017, and asked Andrew Crofts, as a prolific ghostwriter, to join him as co-writer in 2019 to make the story the best it could possibly be. Martin hopes the book will provoke conversation, challenge the status quo, and encourage people to question more about what is happening in the world, to question their leaders, and to consider their role in the future of the planet.

Safe by S. K. Barnett/Blog Tour @RandomThingsTours @Anne Cater/ Missing Child Are you who you say you are?


Jenny Kristal was six years old when she was snatched in broad daylight from her quiet suburban neighbourhood.

Twelve years later, she miraculously returns home after escaping her kidnappers – but as her parents and older brother welcome her back, the questions begin to mount.

Where has she been all these years? Why is she back now? And is home really the safest place for her . . . or for any of them?


This book preys on every parents nightmare. YOUR CHILD GOES MISSING!

Jenny goes missing and then she turns up. Is she who she says she is? If not why would she lie? And more importantly is she safe.
Jenny went missing at the age of six and turns up twelve years later. Where has she been? How does she remember her childhood home? Is this long wished for family reunion or something much different?
The reader starts of with a feeling of unease, not just because of the subject matter but in the way the story progresses. Can anything be taken at face value or it all a cleverly constructed façade. A tale built on emotions and the shifting sands of falsehood and dishonesty!
The author with their clever weaving of plots, superb prose and gripping narrative has penned a superb novel.
A great story, full of twists and turns. Keeps you guessing and gripped to the very end. My first read by this author and I loved it!

Praise for Safe
 ‘Warning to other readers you will not be able to put it down! I started around 8pm and finished it at 3am because it was so addictive – going to sleep without knowing what happened was not an option!’
‘A fabulous read, lots of twists upon twists. Very compelling, could not put it down.’
‘The storyline flows at a great pace, and the characters are well fleshed out. Highly recommended!’
‘Not a plot you see coming at all…’
‘Totally gripped by this story.  Read it in one sitting.  I never do that


About the author
S. K. Barnett is a pseudonym for a New York Times bestselling author whose previous thriller novel Derailed was turned into a major motion picture in 2005 featuring Jennifer Anniston and Clive Owen. He lives in New York State with his family